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We are a niche software testing solutions provider. Our approach is different than the bigger players in the market.

Our priority is solving problems for you, not giving you more to worry about. We know that forming strategic partnerships with our clients is a key to success. We work together with both your business and technical teams to ensure we deliver high quality solutions to meet the needs of your business.

This leaves you in control and able to build competence and knowledge within your own teams. The closeness we develop in our working relationship with you results in reduced risk and increased efficiencies in the projects we support.
We have gathered and developed domain specific knowledge through our experience working in specific industries. This ensures we are able to provide you with skilled resources that understand the business domain you are working in. Less ramp up time to understand your business domain means more effective use of testing resource.
Jason Langis - Director
Jason Langis -  Director


We provide specialist testing services to enable your organisation to succeed. We focus on the most challenging aspects associated with testing.  Through our years of experience, we have learned that these are the areas that tend to be overlooked on projects that need to get out the door quickly. Specialising in specific areas allows us to focus our experience and provide you with the most effective solution.
We specialise in Test Management. All our Test Managers have at least 10 years industry experience so you can be assured that your testing projects are safe in our hands.

Ensuring testing projects are properly scoped, estimated and managed is a skill that is acquired through experience. By working with multiple organisations across diverse industries, our Test Managers understand project lifecycles.
Test Strategy is essential for defining your organisations method of testing and the general approach to testing within your development process.   
Test Strategies usually fall into one of two categories: Preventative or Reactive .

We believe it’s always best to try to create a Preventative strategy if the project or solution allows for it. By incorporating Preventative strategies as part of your testing process, you are attempting to find defects as early as possible in a lifecycle and reduce the feedback loop. This leads to lower cost of creating software.
Testers when you need them with less downtime . We have a network of testing professionals that gives you a flexible solution to your testing requirements. We understand that testing is often at the whim of the development schedules. Also testing budgets don’t always get the attention they deserve. Not all organizations can afford to have a test professional on the clock waiting for testable deliverables. 

There are various part-time options that can provide you with an On Demand Testing function, without the cost of full time consultants. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor a solution to fit your needs and budget.
Our team come from technical backgrounds. Each resource has a degree or experience in software development.  

This capability allows us to come up with creative technical solutions that are customised for your project. 

We do this either Open Source automation tools, custom test automation creation or via low level monitoring tools
We have helped to establish one of NZs most complete mobile testing labs.

Through this collaboration we have access to a vast amount of responsive devices. This enables us to conduct testing of your mobile application against the devices most commonly used in NZ. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can become your responsive testing partner.
We have a proven track record delivering successful outcomes for some of New Zealand’s most recognisable companies:


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